There are many additional resources, from well-known historians to established organizations, that are available to assist those who want to continue their educational journey on the Historic National Road. Here are a few of our favorites. Please contact us for a full list of other publications or resources.


Sky, Theodore. The National Road and the Difficult Path to Sustainable National Investment, University of Delaware, 2011.

The Historic National Road is a comprehensive history of the first federally financed interstate highway, an approximately 600-mile span that joined Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois in the nineteenth century.

Shackelford, David. A Journey From Roads to Rails, The Baltimore & Frederick Turnpike, the B & O Railroad, and Ellicott’s Mills, Maryland: 1800-1860: B & O Railroad Museum, Inc., 2010

A Journey from Roads to Rails explores transportation in early Maryland focusing on the development of two major routes of travel…

Russell C. Poole America’s Road: A Photographic Journey Across the National Road from Baltimore to East St. Louis: Phoenix Imagery Press, Jan 1, 2006

America’s Road by Russell C. Poole A photographic tour of the Historic National Road as it travels a six state corridor to the shores of the Mississippi River…

Raitz, Karl. A Guide to the National Road Baltimore, Maryland : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.

This companion volume to The Historic National Road is a traveler’s guide to the nation’s first federally funded highway.

Searight, Thomas B. The Old Pike: A History of the National Road. Uniontown, Pennsylvania: Published by the Author, 1894.



Maryland Center for History and Culture

(Museum and Library)

201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21201-4674

This is your starting place for exploring the people, places and events that shaped Maryland’s past. Whether you are a student researching a paper, a teacher in need of a lesson plan, a family looking for fun things to do, a collector of rare objects, an amateur genealogist or a lover of period clothing, furniture or rare documents, we can help. You will find everything you need right here – including links to activities, guides and holdings at more than 300 other Maryland historical sites and institutions.

Maryland Room

110 E. Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21701

The Maryland Room, located in the C. Burr Artz Public Library, is a noncirculating, local history research collection of primary and secondary sources. Materials actively collected document Maryland’s economic, social, political, cultural, and religious history, the genealogy of Maryland’s peoples, and the Civil War. Special emphasis is placed on obtaining resources relating to the peoples, places, communities, and institutions of Frederick County and City. Materials documenting the agricultural history of Frederick County and the surrounding area are also sought and would be maintained at the Thurmont Center for Agricultural History.

Howard County Library & Howard County Historical Society’s Archive

Charles E. Miller Branch 9421 Frederick Rd Ellicott City, MD 21042

The Charles E. Miller Branch and Historical Center is home to Howard County Historical Society’s Archive and Research Library.  The non-lending Library houses over 4,000 volumes on various aspects of the area now known as Howard County and its surrounding communities.

The Archive contains over 20,000 individual items and numerous collections


Library of Congress – maps and images

More than a Library. Discover all the resources the Library of Congress has to offer. You might be surprised.