“Drive the 10,000 miles across America and you will know more about the country than all the institutes of society and political science put together.” – Jean Baudrillard


With hundreds of miles of great hiking, walking and biking trails, as well as opportunities for camping, boating, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and swimming, the Maryland Historic National Road area offers countless scenic destinations for the outdoor enthusiast. Head out on your own or join a group to get some exercise and fresh air.

Sites to visit:

Patapsco Valley State Park

Once a premier site of America’s second revolution, the industrial revolution. In 1907, the State of Maryland created a forest and park system that reforested the Patapsco Valley and provided access through the current State park system. today, much of the Valley’s early history lies in ruins within the Park and some of the flooded mill towns are now used as picnic areas with trails for bird watching, hiking, walking and biking.

South Mountain State Park

New Germany State Park

C&O Canal National Historic Park

Appalachian Trail

Western Maryland Rail Trail

The 10 mile long paved trail winds westward from its southern terminus at Big Pool north to Hancock using the abandoned Western Maryland Railroad right-of-way that parallels the north side of the C&O Canal.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

dnrlogoThe Maryland Department of Natural Resources website provides a wealth of information on camping, trails, and special events in all state parks located on or near the Maryland Historic National Road.